Keeping it Real…

I have had a couple of people tell me lately that they could never hire me to come and help them organize or redecorate their spaces because they would be too embarrassed for me to see things the way they are. These are probably the same people who clean for their cleaning person.

In the interest of keeping it real, here are my home organization true confessions.

I hate laundry. I hate it so much that after trying dozens of different ways to make it easier, more efficient, and better organized – I have started throwing it all in one load. Yep – darks and lights mingling together like boys and girls at an 8th grade dance. I have been doing it for over a year, and everyone has survived so far.

While we are on the topic of laundry, here is another tidbit. I rarely wash my children’s bedding. Unless someone has an accident, I figure they get in it clean and sleep on top of their covers half the time anyway – how dirty can it really be?

There are also two drawers and a cabinet in my kitchen that I try never to open. One is full of everything that gets swept off the counters that isn’t really garbage (yet), but doesn’t have another immediate home – things like happy meal toys, the allen wrench for the TV armoire, extra pocket sized hand sanitizer, tape, and about 1000 pencils. Every once in a while, I go through it and throw everything away and we start over because it is easier than sorting it all out.

The other two are full of my husband’s “stuff”. I have no idea what is in those, but it looks to me like a bunch of random scraps of paper and beer caps with some computer parts mixed in. This is one of my best kept secrets to a happy marriage – give your spouse some space of their own that you don’t have to look at. Make sure that there are doors on it that close, then stay out of it – unless of course you are opening it to toss in something that has been left out on the counter. As long as it still closes completely, no nagging.

I have purses with receipts stuffed in the pockets from three years ago, old chapstick in the bottom of my makeup basket, and hotel shampoo samples that I can’t bear to part with. My house is far from perfect, because, quite frankly, we live in it.

And you live in yours too. My job isn’t to judge the ugly carpet in your hall or the messy pantry shelves. It is to help you see the beauty beyond it and to help your space function in the best way possible so that you can get on with the important stuff.

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