Finding Gratitude

The time is near – in less than one month, I celebrate a milestone. I have been preparing for this all year. You can read about my 30s bucket list here.

A wise mentor once told me that when she was struggling to see the beauty in her life, she would create a gratitude list. By the time she was done, she would see her life in a whole new way.

I plan on fully embracing this new decade of my life, and entering my second half with an open joyful heart. So here it goes…

First, I am a lot more confident than I ever dreamed of being in my twenties. The heartbreaks and hardships I have survived make me stronger and more resilient.

I make my own decisions. I know what is right for me, and for my family. What anyone else thinks is interesting, but doesn’t really matter.

Even though I haven’t stopped asking, I know that if my jeans make my butt look big, it really isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

My kids. Enough said.

My ability to say things like “When I was your age…” followed by some superb bit of wisdom that the 18-year-old that I am talking to couldn’t care less about, but will listen to anyway out of respect for their “elder”.

My relationships. I am blessed with friends that have seen me through 30 years of my best and my worst, and still love me. I don’t have to pretend with them, and they don’t pretend with me. Sometimes, they know me better than I know myself.

My husband. We are not the same people we were twenty plus years ago, and yet he still looks at me as if we are. He has held my hand, stroked my hair, soothed my heart, and pulled me up every single time I have fallen. He laughs with me, cries with me, and kicks me in the butt whenever necessary.

The sunrises that mark the new day, sunsets that end it, and the walls that contain the rhythms of my family’s days.

The fact that I have not had a hangover in over 15 years. And that if I should so choose, there is plenty of time to have one in the future and no one to say a word about it.

That I have learned to both give and receive compliments with grace.

That I am healthy, strong, and wise enough to know that there is a lot more of my life to live.

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5 Responses to Finding Gratitude

  1. Jan Wagner says:


  2. Well… least my mom does!

  3. Lisa Outan says:

    I like you too Steph … and I have a choice! Well said, it makes me fear less the number, but how I embrace it is the key 🙂

  4. Kath says:

    This is excellent! I (sort of) remember that milestone day. Just think of all the fabulous memories you’re going to make in the decades to come! You’ll love it!

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